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Eight years ago I started a blog called Torontette. At the time, my head, heart and hands only cared to write about one thing: Music. It was, and still is what electrifies me. 

A lot has happened in this time. I turned my passion into my profession, and have been working in the music industry for over six years. I found a good man, married him, and now we have a wee babe. A little girl who is exactly 50/50 mom and dad. She's all mom's looks, and all of dad's BIG personality. 

We live on a street called Somerset. This is where we have made a house into a home. The things that ground me reside here. My adoring husband, my doe-eyed pooch, and now my mini me, sweet Effie. 


All is not lost of my former Torontette identity. I'm still the same woman, now just with a few more wrinkles, a few more responsibilities, and a few more spit-up stained blouses. 

Torontette --> Somersette. 



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